And for the last time I didn't mispell it, alright?

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everybody does. Round here, I'm the webmaster: that means my word is LAW, my script is SCRIPTURE, and when I say something (no matter how sick and twisted) it GOES.

Lawl okok enough of that.

Uhmm, I mainly set up this site to host my first ever **HIGHLY ORIGINAL** webmanga. Yeahyeah, it's based on my life (soz) but that's just cus some crazy shit has happened ok?? I'm not completely vain or anything.

Well... I guess that's about it. Yeah so anyway thanks for visiting my web page!! Please make yourself at home. *pulls out chair*

But most importantly read my manga loneliwish !!!!!!! Maybe if you've ever felt a bit lonely you can relate, hey?

/ v \